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I'm currently using a different gift card program. Can I convert these cards to be used on the Gift Cards app?

Yes! You can convert any gift cards that have been issued to your customers from a previous gift card program to be redeemable with the Gift Cards app. These cards are called legacy gift cards in our system.

Please send a .csv file (not xlsx, xls, pdf, etc.) with the following information in three separate columns to support@giftcards.clover.com.

Column A: Gift card number

Column B: Opening balance

Column C: Current balance

Please verify the information is correct before sending. We do not have the ability to edit the information after it has been submitted. We are not responsible for any errors.

Regarding the gift card number, please make sure the .csv file displays all the digits and the number is not truncated or shortened in any way. Also, any gift cards that have not been sold yet or have a $0 balance are not reloadable and not sellable through the Gift Cards app.

Any files sent Monday through Wednesday will be completed by Friday. Any files received after Wednesday will be completed by Friday of the following week.