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Product Overview

How is the digital gift card sent to the recipient?

Please note, the digital gift cards feature is not available for all Clover Gift Card Merchants at this time. Don’t worry, this feature is coming soon!

Depending on the notification option that is selected when the card is purchased, The gift card recipient will receive an email notification or SMS message indicating that someone has sent them a gift card.. A receipt of the digital gift card details will print out for your customer.

If sent via email:

  • The recipient will receive an email with the QR code and gift card number
  • The recipient can either print the email or redeem the gift card from the email on their phone
  • Note: If the customer does not see their gift card email, we recommend that the customer checks their spam and/or junk mailbox. 

If sent via SMS message:

  • The recipient will receive a text message with a link to view their gift card. The link will redirect them to a landing page with their gift card information.
  • The recipient can either print and redeem the card from the gift card link or redeem the gift card from the link on their phone.
  • Note, recipients must save that link and/or SMS message if they’d like to use the gift card at a later time.

Your customers have the option of saving your gift cards to the Gyft mobile app. The Gyft app is the leading consumer mobile gift card app and  is a safe way for your customers to store and manage their gift cards. For the best redemption experience, encourage your customers to download the free Gyft mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play.


If the recipient already has a Gyft account and your digital gift card gets sent to the same email address or phone number that’s associated with the Gyft account, the gift card will automatically appear in their Gyft wallet.


Please visit www.gyft.com for more information about the Gyft app.